Triple Marker Test Cost With Graph

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Triple marker test is a screening test that is conducted between 15th to 20th week of pregnancy.

Triple marker test examines HCG, Alpha-Fetoprotein and Estriol level in the blood. This test is carried out to rule out any genetic abnormalities and to check for multiple pregnancies.

What Is A Triple Marker Screen Test

World over childbirth is looked upon as a blessing and therefore, mothers especially, pregnant women are advised to take proper health care. During pregnancy, women undergo many physical and emotional changes and may find it difficult to cope in the initial stages. The triple marker test cost will depend on a number of factors and results usually come in a couple of days.However, the presence of many examinations and tests to ensure safe & healthy pregnancy may help in reducing stress and worry amongst mothers to be. Childbirth is also considered a miracle. However, sometimes we need to make miracles happen. Today, various factors affect the pregnancy and the proper growth of the fetus. And therefore, the need to carry out various tests has gone up. And who would want to take a chance with their pregnancy?  Thus, many tests are carried out during pregnancy right from detecting pregnancy to the delivery date. The Triple marker screen test is one such test that is now becoming popular in India. Triple marker test is a screening test that is conducted between the 15th to 20th week of pregnancy. Though most practitioners give this as an optional test, it is imperative to take this test without thinking about triple marker test cost for those

  1. Who Has Family History Of Birth Defects – Genetically abnormalities may pass on to the fetus and therefore it is better to get the test done to rule out the possibilities.
  2. Is Above 35 Years Of Age – Though late pregnancy is becoming a norm, health risks also increase with late pregnancy. So, if you are above 35, it is advisable to undergo the triple marker test.
  3. Who Have Diabetes – existing diabetes may impact the growth of the fetus. So, check with your doctor and he will guide you to have a safe pregnancy
  4. Suffered From Viral Infection In Pregnancy – severe viral infection and consequent medication may hamper the fetus growth. To rule out the possibility the triple marker test is recommended.
  5. Those Who Were Exposed To Radiation In The Past – We all know that radiations are harmful and more so for pregnant women. The impact of radiation maybe there even after a long time. So, if you have been exposed to radiation, inform your doctor, who may suggest a triple marker test.

So, if you fall into any of these categories, ensure that you undergo this test. Remember, early detection can prepare you better to deal with multiple pregnancies or in case of genetic abnormalities. Don’t let the triple marker test cost deter you from taking this screening test. Also, the triple marker test is a screening test and not a diagnostic test hence, if your test comes positive, the doctor may advise further investigation to diagnose the abnormalities. Triple marker test examines HCG, Alpha-Fetoprotein, and Estriol levels in the blood. This test is carried out to rule out any genetic abnormalities and to check for multiple pregnancies. There is also a double marker test, and sometimes the doctor may only ask for a double marker test and may go ahead with the triple marker test only if the double marker report shows some abnormalities. Also, the double marker test checks only two hormones i.e HCG and PAPP-A as compared to three hormones in the triple marker test.

Who should undergo a triple marker screen test cost?

As with all medical tests, all tests are not needed for everyone, even if the symptoms are similar. This is because each body is different and no single test can be interpreted in isolation. There are various internal as well as external factors that may lead to the need for a test or not. Your doctor is the best judge of the same. A triple marker test is recommended to detect complications in the fetus. It primarily helps to detect Down syndrome in an unborn baby.

Interpretation Of The Triple Marker Test Cost

Even though triple marker test cost may seem high on the onset, the negative test result will lessen the tension about how your pregnancy is progressing and if there are any complications.

The test mainly checks the level of AFP, HCG, and estriol in the blood. This test is done through a blood test where the blood sample is collected and sent to the laboratory for analysis.

  • Low estriol levels may indicate Down syndrome in an unborn child. The estriol estrogen comes from the fetus as well as the placenta.
  • HCG – is known as pregnancy hormone and its presence confirms the pregnancy. This hormone comes from the placenta. A low level of HCG may indicate problematic pregnancy with chances of miscarriage or a possibility of ectopic pregnancy. On the other hand, a high level may indicate multiple pregnancies.
  • AFP – is a protein produced by the fetus. The high level of AFP may indicate abnormal growth such as failure of a fetus’s abdomen to close.

Abnormality in the report may indicate Down syndrome which can cause medical symptoms and in some cases may cause a learning disability. Another possibility is Edward syndrome. Edward syndrome causes extensive medical complications and survival of a fetus, in this case, is only 50%. So, keep the worry about the triple marker test cost aside and get examined to rule out the abnormalities. And in case the reports are abnormal you may have to consult with a specialist. The interpretation of the report will be done taking into consideration the age, weight, and nationality of the mother and therefore similar value may indicate different results. Thus, it is better to let the doctor interpret and analyze the report for you. Also, it is important to remember that this is just a screening test and not a diagnostic test and therefore further investigation may be needed to reach a conclusion. So, if your reports are positive visit your doctor immediately to decide the further course of action. Having said that, do not avoid taking a triple marker test if advised by the doctor due to fear of the unknown or because you feel that triple marker test cost is nothing but a waste of money.

Triple Marker Test Cost

Triple marker test cost varies from place to place. The average range of triple marker test cost is anything from 1200 to 4200 depending on where you are located. However, some lab offers a periodic discount or offer a package deal that may help you in reducing your triple marker test cost. Triple marker test cost changes as per the city, location, quality, and availability of lab in the near vicinity. Also, triple marker test cost differs in government and private medical establishments. Also, another factor that may impact the triple marker test cost is the urgency of the report. Though usually, reports are available in a couple of days, in case of urgency. A lab may give the report earlier but may charge you a higher price. So, it is always advisable to check the various options available and then take the decision on where you want to undertake the triple marker test.



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