Is it good to do a full body checkup?

Our modern lifestyle and busy work life have left us with no time to spend on physical activities. Nowadays, we had come to the end of our healthy lifestyle. Also, the full-body checkup cost is available more affordable now. Most of the insurance cover up to 50% of the package cost. 

How often you need assistance? It ultimately depends on your family history, age, sex, and how regularly you smoke.  This type of lifestyle is affecting widely today with chronic heart diseases, mental disturbances, cancers, diabetes, and several hormonal imbalances.

These above diseases can be highly prevented by proper planning and executing a full body health checkup to avoid the disease from spreading. Hence, it is utmost essential to do a regular checkup in yearly or monthly preventive tests to increase chances for prevention and cure.

Some people do their checkups when they face a new problem or when they are experiencing severe health problems. Some do go to the doctor as per the needs of follow up care for a chronic illness. 

Moreover, the real concept of routine master checkups for healthy living is increasing day by day. Several employers are arranging for an annual health checkup mandate for their employees. 

Full body checkup package:

An ideal full body checkup cost or package should include all the essential parameters starting from the eyes to bones. In most of the hospitals and laboratories, the full-body checkup costs from 999 to 1999.

The exact full body checkup cost depends on the hospital charge. These Full body packages will ideally include Urine Test, Blood Test, and Imaging test like ECG, X-ray. The most affordable packages start from 999 to 1999.

Nowadays, the full body checkup cost is also included in the insurance, so it has become more accessible, and hence, more people are coming forward for the preventive screening test.

The requirement for a Routine Health Checkup:

A yearly full-body health checkup is a regular visit to your doctor to check your complete health. It is a significant step in avoiding critical health issues. Your doctor can examine your stage of wellbeing and find any critical problems that may be in their early stages.

With routine health checkups, the doctor can find out these problems and prescribe for some immediate prevention treatment based on the individual’s illness.

Certain diseases can be very subtle and will not show their symptoms until they reach a certain level. This is the main reason why you need to consult your doctor regularly, especially if you follow a lifestyle that can expose you to such risks.

As stated above, routine health tests and examinations will widely aid in taking care of your health condition and even diagnosing problems that already exist.

Today, many of the primary health checkup packages cover all the required blood and urine tests for testing your lifestyle diseases and chronic infections which are quite common in your area and those which match with your already existing health condition.

By doing checkups at regular intervals, you can increase your chances of living a healthy, long life. Your sex, family history, age, lifestyle choices, and many other potential factors also affect what and how often you must do your health test.

How is it beneficial?

There are numerous reasons to have a complete regular health checkup to maintain a fitness lifestyle. The first important goal is early diagnosis and prevention of any disease.

If you are planning for a full body checkup, then they carry on with the number of tests, the laboratory test which is done will help us to detect the illness in early-stage and could provide a potential treatment for the problem.

These health checkups widely vary from person to person, based on their lifestyle, sex, age, and family health. Regular Health checks not only promote better health but also help to increase the patient-doctor relationship.

In this relationship, doctors can highly educate their patients on how to lead a healthy life and how they can quit dangerous habits such as tobacco addiction, binge eating, alcoholism, inactivity, etc.

As quoted by the World Health Organization (WHO), a decrease in the incidence and prevalence of heart disease and other major lifestyle diseases in western countries is the because of appropriate measures taken by these countries.

Similarly, the introduction of regular immunization has been the primary and foremost reason for the elimination of diseases.

Hence, WHO emphasizes these points in the practice of medicine, preventive measures must get precedence over anything. WHO has estimated as almost 60-70% of such diseases are more preventable with timely intervention and assessment. 

For example, a heart attack will not happen all of a sudden but may occur because of the gradual accumulation of cholesterol in blood vessels.

A full-body health checkup will help us to examine our cholesterol number and allow us to correct the diet to reduce fat.

Keep yourself updated about your body as it is demanding, as it will help you to make decisions according to your health. 

Benefits of health checkup:

Review of your overall health:

This health checkup keeps your essential medical information more updated, which means your hospital and your doctor has your updated health profile.


It helps doctors to identify any severe illness at the early stage with an annual checkup. Lets now see what the advantages of full body checkup packages are: 

  • To know the health condition and how healthy we are, It is required to go for a whole-body screening. 
  • For anyone above 35years of age, it is recommended for a regular complete health checkup. 
  • A master checkup is essential, especially diseases like cancer, and many critical diseases can be diagnosed at the earliest and help us to prevent and manage those diseases and also increase the life span of the patients.
  • A full body checkup is quite more important and should be kept in high priority if you have any History of a pre-existing disease or Family history illness. 
  •  A person with a hectic and unhealthy lifestyle, then It is utmost required to have a whole body checkup. 
  • The chance of Prevention and cure is high at early detection.

Start treatment early:

Treatment can be initiated right away if there is an abnormality. Treatments of diseases like cancer will be more preventable at the earlier you start.

Better chances for the cure:

Every day new medicines are keep coming into the market, and they keep changing. If you have any chronic problems, then your doctor will be able to prescribe you better medication for it.

Prevents stress or fear:

A regular yearly checkup and knowing that all is well with your body can avoid fears or worry over lumps and moles.

Better lifestyle:

Screening your vitals will provide the doctor and your chance to see what habits you require to be changed to ensure that you will not be at risk for an illness.

Keeps you informed:

A yearly health checkup can assist you on how to ask the doctor any questions you may have and get the updated medical information on your problems which you may face in the future.

Aids in the goal set up:

This is the best time to focus on your lifestyle changes and take preventive steps to avoid long term illnesses.

Who needs to take this preventive medical checkup?

In general, the people of age-group 35-65 years are increasingly affected by chronic and lifestyle diseases. Most of the doctors suggest women above 40 years, and men above 35 years get an annual medical checkup done to determine any possible risk factors.

In other cases, if there is any family history of any specific disease, then it is wise to initiate screening tests for the youngest person at 25 or 30 years.  Some of the diseases which could develop due to family hereditary are diabetes mellitus, high cholesterol level, and coronary heart disease, cancer of breasts, colon, prostate, and high blood pressure.

Apart from taking the general preventive test, it is suggested to make some lifestyle changes, which include a well-balanced diet, clean water, fresh air, adequate rest, and avoid smoking or tobacco.

What test is included in the full body checkup cost?

In a full body checkup around 60 tests are done with specialist’s counseling. The full body checkup cost includes the consultation charges also. Especially in the case of female candidates, gynecology and fitness Consultation is included. 

Here are the tests included in the full-body screening:

•    Blood and urine tests 

•    Lipid Profile Test 

•    The cardiac system includes (Chest x-Ray. ECG & 2D Echo Cardiography )

•    Vitamin Check 

•    Abdominal Check: Ultrasonography of abdomen & pelvis 

•    Thyroid Function Tests: TSH, T3, T4 

•    Kidney Function: Blood Urea, Uric Acid, Serum Creatinine 

•    Liver Function tests: SGPT, SGOT, Serum Bilirubin 

•    Pulmonary Lung Function tests 

•    Diabetes tests Blood Sugar Fasting, Blood Sugar PP 

•    Hepatitis B tests 

•    CT Calcium Scoring 

•    Total body fat percentage 

•    Eye Checkup 

•    CT Coronary Angiography (Heart) 

•    CT Screening of Neck Vessels (Carotid) 

•    Bone Mineral Densitometry (BMD) 

•    Sono-mammography & Pap smear 


In recent days, preventive health checkup has become a requirement and not a choice. As the phrase suggests,” Prevention is always better than cure” it is still a wise decision to detect the disease or risk factor of the disease at the starting stage.

Similarly, health checkups are not just about preventing illness but also about maintaining optimal health. The full body checkup cost usually includes the consultation charges so your doctor will assess your general health and suggests suitable remedies.

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