Top Best Ways To Reduce Weight In Two Weeks

Losing weight is not an easy job. You need a strong will power to get back your figure. Especially, if you want to reduce some 5 – 10 pounds in 2 weeks. In this, we discuss some best ways to reduce weight.

you need to be fully focused and have an iron will power. At the same time, weight loss is not an easy job, and there are several ways to reduce weight quickly. 

This article will highlight healthy and productive ways to kick start your weight loss process. The tips highlighted here will have the following effects:

  • Significant reduction in your appetite
  • Boost your metabolism
  • Healthy eating habit
  • Increase protein and fat intake
ways to reduce weight

Is Quick Weight Loss Safe?

Losing weight is a positive change, but it shouldn’t happen all of a sudden. Losing weight in a short period is unhealthy ways to reduce weight because you cannot witness any long-lasting results.

Losing 1 or 2 pounds in a week is very challenging for most of the people who are trying to lose weight. In case if people were able to lose some water weight in the initial weeks, they may not witness any changes in their body shape. Only fat loss can bring the transformation in shape. 

What Are The Ways To Reduce Weight? 

The ways to reduce weight will highlight four strategies:

Significant Reduction In Your Appetite

Consume high-protein meal: A research states that High-protein intake can reduce food cravings and control calorie intake for the whole day.  

Sugary drinks and processed foods: Stay away from these foods as they are the most fattening things and can lead to excess weight due to their high sugar content. Hence avoid them if you need to lose weight 

Drink water a half hour before meals. Drink water 30 minutes before the meals, this will increase weight loss by 44% in 3 months 

Eat more soluble fiber:  As per the recent studies, soluble fibers can help in weight loss by reducing the fat in the body, especially in the abdomen area. Consume tea or coffee: 

If you have a habit of drinking tea or coffee, then consuming it more often can help in weight loss as they can boost your metabolism by 4–10%

Eat whole food: Consume more whole grains as they can make you feel fuller and limit you from additional calories. 

Chew slowly: A research shows that people who eat fast tend to gain more weight. Eating slowly can make you feel fuller and boost your weight-reducing hormones 

Peaceful sleep at night: Lack of sleep is also one of the main risk factors for weight gain, so take enough rest at night. 

Carb intake: It is completely fine to take off from your diet one day in a wee. If you feel like having more carb once in a while, then consider having it on this day. However, it is recommended to consume healthy carb sources such as rice, oats, potatoes, sweet potatoes, fruits, quinoa, etc.

But control it on one day, because having carbs more often will not yield good results towards your weight loss process. Eating carbs or other unhealthy foods for one day is not necessary, but it helps in boosting some fat-burning hormones such as leptin and thyroid hormones. 

Enhance Your Metabolism

Physical work out for 30 minutes every day is an efficient ways to reduce weight as it can help you burn more fat.

Undertaking some resistance training such as weight lifting, aerobic exercise can lead to the right amount of weight loss. Additionally, this can also let you maintain or add muscle strength and mass. 

Full-body resistance workout is an excellent method to reduce your body’s carbohydrate and water weight, which will help you reduce your body weight.

In general, if you follow some dieting process, your body hormone levels and metabolism will gradually decrease, and these carb intakes can boost your metabolism. 

The next effective ways to reduce weight is High-intensity interval training (HIIT). Similar to weight lifting, HIIT can efficiently diminish muscle carb stores and also enhance other significant factors of weight loss like fat-burning hormones and metabolism.

Indeed, weight loss is one of the main benefits of High-intensity interval training, but there are some other benefits like maintaining your cardio health, keep you fit. 

Healthy Eating 

Choose whole foods

The next important strategy for efficient ways to reduce weight is healthy eating. Choosing whole foods like grains and beans can help you lose weight quickly.

Hence, try to have simple and satisfying meals with whole foods as they can make you feel fuller with fewer calories intake. Further, it also controls your calorie count as you won’t feel hungry soon. 

Choose healthy fats

When you are dieting, you will come across a common phrase like stay away from fats, eat lesser fats, etc. But in reality, consuming healthy fats is beneficial. These types of food can make it simple to eat lower calories without keeping you hungry. 

Some sources of healthy fats are: 

  • Olive oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Butter

Keto Diet For Weight Loss

Here are other ways to reduce weight in an easy method. Increase the intake of protein and fat instead of carbs, and this is called a Keto diet. When you begin dieting, you can quickly lose around 5 – 10 pounds of your body weight, and then you can witness consistent weight loss in the future.

After the initial few weeks, you can lose some 3 – 4 pounds a week if you follow a strict diet. Indeed, it will take some time for your body to get accustomed to this diet as your body is getting used to burning fat instead of a carb. All these years, your body had been burning carb.

After a few weeks of consistent dieting, many people are satisfied with the results, and even they are feeling comfortable. People feel more energetic than before. 

Despite several benefits, the low-carb diet is beneficial for your body in several ways and also helps your health in several other ways:

  • Blood sugar gets reduced on low-carb diets
  • Can witness a reduced level of triglycerides 
  • LDL cholesterol level goes down 
  • HDL level gradually increases 
  • A significant level of improvement in Blood pressure level
  • More than anything, this diet seems to be comfortable and simple to follow. 

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