Top Best 9 symptoms could be specified serious health issues

There are severe illnesses that may cause severe health issues, even death without little to no warning. By knowing some of the common signs and symptoms of health issues you can avoid those terrible situations. 

We could find a wide range of apparent signs of severe health issues that are very common—like arm numbness indicating a possible stroke, or chest pain a sign of a heart attack. You have to remember that not all severe conditions come with similar symptoms. At times, we may ignore some of the signs as considering it to be an aging problem. 

symptoms of health issues

This article is clearly to help you to know the most common signs and symptoms of health issues that you may treat before it moves to the final stage. 

Frequent Urination

In general, making use of the bathroom more than usual for urinating makes an awkward feeling. It is time for you to consult your doctor as this is not a common issue. Sometimes frequent urination could be a sign of diabetes, the seventh leading cause of death in America. 

If you don’t treat it, diabetes may lead to multiple organ issues which may include problems with nerves, kidneys, blood vessels, and infections. Therefore, consult your doctor immediately if you have to pee more than usual to be on the safer side. 

Persistent Headaches

In today’s fast-moving world, most the adults experience headaches due to work pressure and stress. So many people don’t consider a headache to be symptoms of health issues. But, when you have to be serious about your headache? According to a survey it states that, if you have persistent headaches and also accompanied by vomiting, nausea, and visual changes, then it could be a warning sign that leads to stroke. 


Usually, Dizziness is caused if you have any problem in the brain, the gastrointestinal system, vision or the inner ear. Dizziness is the most common and medical seeking symptom. If you get Dizziness immediately consult your doctor for treatment. 

Suppose, if your Dizziness prolongs for more than an hour combined with other symptoms of health issues, such as nausea and vomiting, then seek medical attention immediately. If you have Dizziness, it may also be related to many other health issues, such as high blood pressure,  diabetes, low blood pressure, thyroid disease, anemia, dehydration and heart conditions.                                                                           


Sometimes excessive sweating may be caused due to some common factors such as exercise, stress or even due to hotness. These reasons are nothing to be worried much. But excessive sweating may also be caused due to thyroid problems, diabetes or heart issues which are to be considered as serious issues. If you feel that you are sweating more than usual, then contact your doctor immediately to rule out a severe underlying medical condition.


One of the severe signs is Numbness. It may be in the face, arms or legs. That too especially if you are affected on one side of the body, then it can lead to a stroke. Along with Numbness, it can be accompanied by sudden confusion, difficulty speaking or understanding, and also blurred vision.

The symptoms of the health issues don’t stop with the above problems, Numbness can also be related to a lot of other illnesses, which includes Lyme disease, Guillain-Barre syndrome and diabetes, and a herniated disk. Whatever the cause, if you are undergoing Numbness, then it should be consulted to the doctor and treated immediately. 


The leading cause of Swelling is because of the inflammation or an excess amount of fluid in the blood. Another important purpose for swollen feet or ankles is because of weak circulation. It’s common among older people because they may have fragile blood vessels. Another reason is it could be an indication of a blood clot blocking the veins. No matter what’s the cause, investigate the reason and treat it right away. 

Chest pain

There are several reasons for Chest pain which may range from muscle soreness to a heart attack. It can be classified and treated by the severity of the pain and also how quickly it settles down. Suppose, if the pain is very severe and if it is sudden then get medical help immediately.

If your chest pain persists for a long time, no matter how critical it is, then for sure it could be symptoms of health issues like heart disease. It is one of the severe sign which can’t be ignored to be consulted. If your chest pain persists for more than a couple of days, consult the doctor immediately.

Sudden Weight Loss or Gain

If you gain weight or have a loss in weight all of a sudden, then it is a serious symptom of health issues. In most cases, it could be related to many of the severe illnesses, which include: diabetes, thyroid issues, and heart failure.

One of the main symptoms of cancer is severe weight loss. Many of the cancer patients are affected by rapid weight loss. But, consult your doctor if you face any sudden change in your weight. 

Changes in Appetite

If you are facing fluctuation in your weight and if you immediately change your diet and feel the sudden change in the appetite, then that is also a red flag. The appetite is typically related to how fast the body is digesting food. And if you give a sudden change to that, then it is not right. These problems are mainly due to lasting changes to the appetite, which might directly impact weight changes.

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