7 Benefits Of Having A Good Posture

However, if you wonder what is good posture and why is it so important? This article will enlighten you with surprising benefits of good posture. In general, posture denotes the body’s positioning and alignment and with respect to the force of gravity. Irrespective of the position, whether you are standing, lying down or sitting gravity exerts a force on people’s joints, muscles, and ligaments. Good posture helps in distributing the force of gravity all across your body so no one structure is overstressed.

Most of you would have heard the instruction “Sit up straight” either from your parents or your teachers. Because they know the ill effects of poor posture. Benefits of Good posture is also said to be a neutral spine. If you are having a good posture, the muscles around the spine are supported and balanced in an equal manner throughout your body.

What Are The Key Benefits Of Good Posture?

Facilitates Breathing:

When you maintain a good posture, it naturally increases your breath level. You can find a huge difference in your posture if you start meditating regularly for months. You can also realize that you can inhale a more amount of air by sitting straight and slouching.

Increases Concentration And Thinking Ability:

Once you have increased breathing, you will have increased thinking ability. A known fact is that your brain requires 20% of oxygen for working properly. When you get more air, you inhale more oxygen. More oxygen results in increased brain food which in turn provides more brain food which makes you think more for new ideas.

Improve Your Image:

Some people have good posture and will look smarter and attractive. Some people with bad posture might feel unkempt, even though the person has not said or done anything yet? But on the other side, people with good posture will exude an aura of assertiveness and appeal.

Feel Even Better About Yourself:

You can realize that if you have a better posture, you will feel more confident about yourself, without even making things unique. Just try sitting in a bad posture for 30sec, then change to good posture for 30sec. Find if you feel any difference.

Avoid Health Complications:

Suppose if you have a bad posture, it results in a lot of complications which include increased risks of slipped disc, backaches, back pain, the pressure inside your chest, poor blood circulation. Suppose if you had a slip disc, then, unfortunately, there is less chance to straighten your back and ever since you have to walks with a permanent slouch.

Fewer Headaches:

Unfortunately, a bad posture will result in tension, headaches, it is because of increased muscle tension in the back of the neck. You can correct or improve your headache by correcting your posture which also reduces your muscle tension.

Keep on knowing more about your good posture. As we are in a generation of using a lot of computers and eating good meals and avoid a lot of good postures and adapting to poor posture. Make an alarm in your computer to make you alert on checking your posture for times and you should often check for it. 

Increased Energy Levels:

If you have a good posture, then your muscles don’t have to strain so hard to do their work. Suppose if you have your bones and joints are in proper alignment, then it makes the muscles to do its job as they’re intended, which results in having less fatigue and more energy. 

Additional Benefits Of Good Posture

▪ Bones and joints are aligned correctly and which in turn keeps the muscles to work properly.

▪ Minimize the abnormal wearing of joint surfaces.

▪ By holding the joints of the spine together, it reduces the stress on the ligaments.

▪ Avoids the spine from fixing in abnormal positions.

▪ Muscles are used more effectively and the body uses less energy, hence reduces fatigue.

▪ Avoids backache and muscular pain. 

▪ Achieves a good appearance.

What Is The Right Posture?

Many people consider that good posture is just keeping your spine straight. But, that’s not exactly true. A perfect posture is keeping the two natural curves at your back, the first curve is the concave curve which is from your head base to your shoulders and the second is the concave curve from your upper back to the base of your spine.

If you have the right posture, you will feel effortless in maintaining your position. Remember that your weight should be distributed evenly when you stand.

While you are sitting, you should have your feet flat on the floor, having your weight evenly distributed on your hips. You should have your back straight and also your shoulders should be relaxed and your ears also are lined up over your collarbones.

While you are in standing position, your legs must be a slight knee bend so that you are not locking your knee joints.

You will need the following to acquire benefits of good posture:

  • Good muscle flexibility
  • Both sides of the spine should have a good balance of muscles
  • Normal motion in the joints
  • Strong postural muscles

Knowing the best posture and also knowing about your posture will help you to reach the correct posture.

If you want to correct your old posture and reach benefits of good posture, you should practice with an appropriate posture of your standing, sitting, and lying down.

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