Kidney Function Test

The article aims at providing information on the major functions of the kidney(kft test) show to maintain a healthy kidney, symptoms that may indicate kidney disease and the various test (also known as kidney function tests, kft test) that can help early detection of kidney disease.

With today’s lifestyle, the health problem is at an all-time rise.

Health conditions such as Heart attacks, diabetes, and high blood pressure are discussed frequently and therefore people are aware of this.

However, another major ailment that is on the rise is kidney disease.

In spite of kidney being one of the vital organs of our body, there is still not enough awareness about the function, disease and the prevention of kidney disease.

The kidney is a bean-shaped organ located just below the ribcage. Each kidney is about the size of your fist.

Though kidney is small in size it performs a very big role in our body.

The kidney is an important organ and plays a major role in keeping our body healthy.

As we all know that the major function of the kidney is to remove excess fluid and waste from the body.

A kidney extracts waste from the blood in a complex process and eliminates waste from the body through urine.

Kidneys are also invaluable due to their role in producing Vitamin D, red blood cells and hormones that control blood pressure.

Keeping our kidney healthy helps to keep our internal organs working properly.

kidney function test

Following are the best way to keep our kidneys in optimum working condition

1.    Exercise regularly:

being active helps you maintain ideal blood pressure which in turn reduces your risk of kidney disease. So be active and make exercise part of your daily routine.

2.    Keep sugar level in check:

One of the major causes of kidney disease is a high sugar level. Therefore it is necessary for a diabetic patient to regularly take kft for prevention /early detection of kidney disease.

3.    Monitor your blood pressure:

Another health condition that can lead to kidney damage is blood pressure. Therefore regular monitoring of blood pressure is recommended.

4.    Maintain a healthy lifestyle and weight:

In today’s fast-moving world unhealthy lifestyle is a major concern.

An unhealthy lifestyle not only develops the chances of getting high blood pressure and diabetes but also put in the high-risk factor.

Therefore adopting a healthy lifestyle and maintain healthy body weight is a necessity.

5.    Maintain proper liquid intake to away from (kft Test):

Adequate fluid intake is necessary for efficient kidney function.

Severe dehydration may cause kidney damage.

Or inadequate liquid intake may hamper kidney functioning.

Therefore consume liquids throughout the day to maintain proper fluid intake.

6.    Do not take over the counter medications on regular basis:

Today rather than resting the body we prefer to pop over the counter pills to deal with aches, pains and other minor health issues like cold and cough.

Regular intake of such medication puts a load on the kidney and if taken over a long period may impact the health of kidneys.

7.    Do not smoke:

Smoking reduces the flow of blood to the kidney resulting in the kidney’s ability to perform its function.

Smoking also results in kidney cancer.

8.    Get Kidney function test(kft test) done in case you fall into the high-risk category:

Obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and the presence of kidney disease in a family member puts you in “high category risk”.

If you fall under this category it becomes more important for you to adopt a healthy lifestyle

kidney function test

It also to undertake periodic kft to keep the disease at bay and ensure that kidney function is proper.

As kidney plays such a pivotal role in our well-being, it is important to ensure that they function at an optimal level.

And therefore, if your doctor feels that kidney function is not as it should be they may ask you to get the kidney function test (kft test)) done.

Your doctor may also prescribe you KFT if you have diabetes or high blood pressure to monitor their impact on your kidney.

Major symptoms of kidney disease include fluid retention, painful urination, blood in urine, high blood pressure, frequent urge to urinate are some of the common symptoms.

However, these symptoms could also be related to other health condition

Therefore kft can help determine the reason or help rule out kidney disease.

Kidney disease can be acute or chronic in nature.

Acute kidney disease is usually sudden and is for short duration caused due to injury or severe infection.

On the other hand, chronic kidney disease is one where kidney function(Kft test) deteriorates.

Over a number of years and if symptoms are ignored it leads to kidney failure.

In such scenario dialysis or kidney transplant is an only option.

Other kidney diseases may include kidney stones, kidney cancer to name a few.

Therefore, it is necessary to visit a health practitioner for any doubts regarding your kidney function.

Your doctor will investigate the symptoms and if necessary will recommend the kidney function test(kft test).

To understand the exact nature of kidney disease there are different types of kft available.

Depending on the symptoms your doctor may ask you to take a particular kft or multiple kidney function tests(kft test) to determine the exact cause of kidney disease.

Kidney function test

Below are some of the Kidney function test (kft test)

1.    Estimated GFR :

This test determines how well your kidneys are filtering waste. While calculating the rate of output it considers the creatinine levels, age, race, height, gender, and weight of the patient.

2.    Blood urea nitrogen:

Also known as BUN, this test checks for waste in your body and measures the nitrogen in the blood. Standalone high BUN results need not mean kidney disease as certain medicines may also lead to higher BUN levels. Therefore, it is necessary to keep your doctor informed about any medications that you may be taking to get a clear picture.

3.    Urinalysis:

This test checks for the presence of protein in your urine. Again as with BUN, only this test may not give exact cause for the increase in protein level and therefore your doctor might suggest a repeat of test.

4.    Serum Creatinine test:

It is a type of blood test that checks for creatinine build up in your blood. Well, working kidney completely filters out the creatinine from the blood and hence, a high level of creatinine is a definite sign of kidney disease.

A correct kft needs 24 hours of urine collection and a blood test to help determine the exact extent of kidney disease.

In case any irregularity is detected, the doctor may advise repeat tests to eliminate any other factors that may affect the reports.

Kidney function test or kft test if taken as a part of regular medical check-up helps determine the health of kidney and any signs, symptoms or irregularity in the report can help detect the kidney disease in early stages.

As with most disease, earlier the detection better are the chances of full recovery or limiting the damage depending on the disease.

In case an irregularity in kft test is found along with symptoms, chances are that doctors will ask you to undertake these tests every 3 months or so to determine the extent of the disease.

Though it may seem cumbersome and costly, in the long run, this may very well save you from kidney failure.

Kidney failure is when your 90% kidney is damaged. The problem with kidney failure is the absence of symptoms before it is too late.

Therefore, in most cases, the initial stage of kidney failure goes undetected and when the symptoms appear and kidney failure is detected.

It becomes difficult to contain the damage giving only two options of treatment i. e dialysis or a kidney transplant.

Kidney transplant is again a lengthy process and getting a donor is also not easy.

Thus, getting kft regularly should be looked upon as an investment rather than an unnecessary expense. It may save your life and spare you the expensive treatment.

And like any severe health condition, kidney failure also affects the quality of life of the patient along with risk to life.

In case you do have any kidney disease trust your doctor and follow the instructions given by the doctors.

Remember, do not self-diagnose and self-medicate. With the easy accessibility of the internet and excess information available freely it is easy for a person to start self-diagnosis.

If you are unhappy with your doctor’s diagnosis to take 2nd or 3rd opinion from other doctors but do not fall into trap of becoming self-doctor bases on your internet search.  

Thus, the best way to have a healthy kidney by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, having adequate fluid intake and keeping high sugar or high blood pressure in check in consultation with your doctor.

Most importantly as mentioned above make the kidney function test or kft test as it is known in the medical jargon part of your annual health check-up.

Remember healthy kidney equals healthy you and healthy you is a happy you!

So go on take that sip of water, go for walks, and lead a happy life. Act now for a healthier tomorrow, spend today for saving tomorrow.

As they say, prevention is better than cure!

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