Vitamin D3 Test

Vitamin D3 test is in demand, and creates worry in one’s mind that if I have to check the Vitamin D level what would the Vitamin D3 test cost me? Well, once you understand the role of Vitamin D, you may realize that taking that test is worth it!

Did you know that amongst all the nutrients, Vitamin D is the easiest to get, since the main source of Vitamin D is the sun?

Therefore, it is also known as the sunshine vitamin. However, in spite of it being freely available, Vitamin deficiency is on the rise. And with the rise in deficiency.

Even though Vitamin D is a part of vitamins it functions similar to the hormones present in the body. And therefore, it is a crucial nutrient that should be missed out on.

The deficiency of the same can cause much illness and you may need to undertake a test, without worrying about Vitamin D3 test cost to rule out the Vitamin D3 deficiency as a cause.

Functions of Vitamin D

We all associate Vitamin D with our bone and rightly so since the vital function of Vitamin D is to keep our bones strong.

Apart from being a bone strengthener, Vitamin D also performs other functions in the body such as

  • Reducing inflammation – It helps in speedy recovery after the injury
  • Balancing our moods – Keeps our mood uplifted and cheerful
  • Maintains healthy metabolism- Helps in maintaining ideal body weight
  • Manages Insulin level – Keeps sugar level in check

As you can see, Vitamin D performs several crucial functions and therefore it is necessary to know your Vitamin D level periodically.

Though many people avoid taking vitamin D blood tests due to high Vitamin D3 test cost, however, in the long run, it will be cheaper than going for expensive surgery.

Types of Vitamin D

Though generally referred to as Vitamin D, in reality, Vitamin D has 2 types. Vitamin D2 and vitamin D3.

Vitamin D2 comes from plants like mushrooms, supplements, and fortified foods. On the other hand, Vitamin D3 comes from sunlight and other animal foods such as cod liver oil, salmon, liver, eggs and so on.

However, our body is better at absorbing vitamin D3 as compared to absorbing Vitamin D2 and therefore the best way to combat Vitamin D deficiency is getting 10 minutes of daily sunlight.

Also, remember that Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin i.e it needs fat to get absorbed in the body. So always take vitamin D supplements with healthy fats.

When to take Vitamin D3 tests

As seen from above vitamin D is crucial for a better quality of life. Many times Vitamin D deficiency lies beneath an undetected illness. So who should undertake Vitamin D3 test cost notwithstanding?

Below mentioned are some categories, where taking Vitamin D might be advisable.

  1. Obese
  2. Adult above the age of 50 years
  3. People with dark skin (since it absorbs less sunlight)
  4. Vegan people or those who are following diets
  5. People who do not get enough sunlight

Vitamin D3 test is done via a blood test and fasting before the test is not necessary. Vitamin D3 test is also known as Cholecalciferol test. The test checks for active Vitamin D3 in your blood.

Though you can consume your daily diet and medication prior to the test, it is better to inform your doctor about any ongoing medication.

This may help in the proper interpretation of the report. The normal range for Vitamin D is 20-100ng/ml.

So, any deviation from this range may cause illness. Like deficiency, even the excess of Vitamin D3 can be harmful to the body.

Therefore, before starting on supplements or aiming to increase Vitamin D, it is always better to undergo Vitamin D3 test cost of which is not very high.

Usually, the Vitamin D3 costs range from 1200 rupees to 3250 rupees in India depending on the location, quality, and availability.

Vitamin D3 test costs higher in certain places especially in B and C grade cities and town as they do not have the necessary equipment to process the test.

In such cases, they collect the blood and send it to the nearest city for the report. This, in turn, increases the overall Vitamin D3 test costs.

To take or not to take Vitamin D3 test?

There are mixed views on the impact of taking Vitamin D3 test. Some believe that unless there are serious health issues, having a healthy lifestyle and sunlight exposure is enough to generate Vitamin D3 in the body.

And others feel that knowing the extent of deficiency helps in better treatment. So, discuss the pros and cons of going for a Vitamin D3 test with your health practitioner.

However, people with osteoporosis should not take a chance and go for the test as recommended.

Another reason, people are unwilling to undergo Vitamin D3 test is that it may lead to further investigation and further test.

And the most important factor playing role in this debate is the Vitamin D3 test costs.

It is not very expensive however, depending on the location and your economic status, the price may be more than one can afford or is willing to pay.

However, your doctor is the best person and if he suggests the test, one should undergo the Vitamin D3 test costs of which cannot be compared to the risk to one’s health.

Deficiency of Vitamin D3 can cause

As learned from above, Vitamin D3 plays an important role in our overall well-being even if it is not apparent. Deficiency of Vitamin D3 can lead to

  1. Frequent back pain and weak bones – Vitamin D3 deficiency is a common cause for that niggling back pain. Vitamin D3 also helps in strong bones. So if you suffer from bone pain or frequent fractures, it is time to check Vitamin D3 level.
  2. Depression – One of the functions of vitamin D3 is to create mood balance. Thus deficiency of Vitamin D3 can cause depression
  3. Frequent illness due to weak immunity – Vitamin D3 is also responsible for strong immunity. If Vitamin D3 is not as per the norm, you may fall sick more often.
  4. Excessive fatigue and tiredness ­­ – Low level of vitamin D3 may cause chronic fatigue and tiredness.
  5. Slow wound healing ­– Our immunity protects us from frequent illness and helps in speedy recovery. In absence of necessary Vitamin D3 level, both these functions are compromised.
  6. Hair loss ­­– Low level of vitamin D can cause hair loss
  7. Muscle pain – Low level of Vitamin D3 is also responsible for muscle pain.
  8. Low bone density – Vitamin D3 is known to strengthen our bones. And the low level of vitamin D3 can lead to  low bone density making it weak and prone to injury

So, if you have any of the following symptoms over a long period, it is advisable to take the Vitamin D3 test cost of which is not more than the value of your health.

Preparation for Vitamin D3 test:

Any medical test can overwhelm a person. So the best way to get your tests done without stress is to find out if any preparation is needed from your end.

Another factor that you should know is the approximate cost of the test that you want to take. This helps you in being emotionally, physically and financially ready for the same.

Vitamin D3 test is a simple blood test where no preparation is required. The Vitamin D3 test cost can be a little daunting, however, you may visit government doctors or hospitals where the Vitamin D3 test cost is more affordable.

Another way is to choose a package that offers other tests including Vitamin D3 test. The single Vitamin D3 test costs more than a package test.

So, make checking of vitamin D3 part of your regular health checkup or opt for an annual health checkup packages. Thus, you get value for money and the Vitamin D3 test costs don’t overwhelm you.

The Conclusion

In the end, we understand that Vitamin D3 plays a vital role in our daily life and it is the easiest to get vitamin. Get 10 minutes of daily sunlight exposure and your body will produce enough Vitamin D3.

So, in a nutshell, eat healthily, eat animal food, walk in the sunshine and you will have no health problems.

A healthy lifestyle and a balanced food are building stones for a healthy body. And it is never too late to adopt a healthy lifestyle. So go on and make little changes and you will see the difference within a few months.

Also, keep in mind that like big nutrients, micro- a  nutrients life minerals and vitamins also play crucial role and so pay attention to body requirements and include necessary food groups and/or supplements.

Be healthy, Be happy and stress-free, and you will no longer have to think about Vitamin D3 test cost!


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